Learn the Real-World Hacking Secrets to Hack anything...

Well, I’ll teach you the real-world practical hacking concepts, fundamentals of cybersecurity so you can secure yourself on the internet start your journey as a hacker 🙂

with Ranjith Adlakadi

Ethical Hacker | Author | Founder @HackersUnskool

But you don't know

where to begin

and how to start?

That's why we created

Mini Hacking with ra course

We will teach all tools and techniques to control digital devices and many more...

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What will you learn in the Course ?

Fundamentals of Ethical Hacking

  • Introduction to Ethical Hacking
  • Basic ethical hacking fundamentals
  • Learn Information Gathering techniques
  • Live practical information gathering tools

Social Media Hacking (Black-hat hacking methods)

  • What is phishing attacks?
  • Perform phishing attack in lan & wan network
  • Learn real world social media hacking
  • Setup own local server for attacks
  • 20+ phishing templates for free
  • Advanced Practical Methods Fb hacking & Insta, Snap-chat Hacking

Android Hacking (Latest powerful methods)

  • What is RAT?
  • How RAT will work?
  • Android Hacking using RAT tools
  • Advance method of Android v12 Hacking
  • Powerful Android Hacking Tools for free

Dark web & Deep web

  • What is Dark Web & Deep-Web?
  • How to Access Dark Web & Deep Web?
  • How to Install Tor & Use tor browser like a hacker

Capture Live Location by Sending a link

  • Learn how to find victim IP Address by sending a link.
  • Track anyone Live location by sending a link.


  • What is spyware?
  • Android Hacking using spyware’s
  • Spy on your friends/girl friend mobile phones (control everything remotely)
  • Spy on Whats-app, Instagram messages…
  • Spy on call recording, sms, camera, screen


  • What is Steganography?
  • Hide your secrets files in the image file using the stenography technique

Bonus topic

  • Google Hacking
  • How to recover web browser password with one click
  • Windows Hacking in Lan network using RAT Tool
  • Website cloning (Clone any website files)
  • Learn how to hide IP Addresses on Internet Using a VPN
  • Bypass any website login page using SQL Injection
  • Kali Linux setup on windows system
  • Learn how to download any eBooks for free

Build Your Foundation

Learn the science behind communication

Craft and Structure Your Message

Speak fearlessly and nail your Body language

Observe and Learn from famous speakers

Present Yourself Like a Leader

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Meet Your Mentor ?

Ranjith Adlakadi

Certified Ethical Hacker | Author | Security Researcher | Founder @HackersUnskool

I am an Ethical Hacker, a Computer Scientist, and a Security Analyst. I just love hacking and breaking the rules, but don’t get me wrong as I said I am an Ethical Hacker. I help startups to secure their network & protect data from cyber attacks nowadays cyber-attacks are common so I will teach how to protect data & secure your networks & computers.


Trusted by Thousand of Students and working professional

50+ Ratings
I have done Hacking with RA course from Ranjith Adlakadi which was really helpful in making my career bright and colorful
Venkata Krishna Chaitanya
Your Social Engineering techniques is Awesome 🙂 I really love it I've never seen these social engineering techniques in telugu it's really worth it $999 is not issue for this content thankyou ranjith for proving wonder course and community 🙂
Sai Kumar .P
Most of the People Who are trying to Enter Into Cybersecurity Filed . They have full of confusion like , where we start from ? How to learn ? What is the source ? Like this a lot of queries will raise in their minds . Even me also . But I Got this Course of Hacking with Ranjith Adlakadi and it's very worth for money . I learnt a lot of things in this course . Even you will not find those tricks and advanced methods in any other courses. Coming to the price, it's really worth for money . Trust me there Is no course like this that too in Telugu . It's an awesome Chance to get Into Cybersecurity Filed by This . It's Helps for beginners as well as Pros , because it's starts from scratch . Yes they will teach you from the basics , you don't worry about anything. You can surely go for it. Really Guys it's an Awesome Content 🙂
Kiran Teja
Nenu chinnappati numchi avineethi Madhya perigaanu. naaku chala saarlu avineethi pai fight cheyalani vundhi but em cheyalekunda. kaani naa ashayam maathram poguttukoledhu .tharuvatha avineethpai porade movies chesevaanni YouTube lo ala chustu vundaga okasaari oka video kanapadindhi adhi world ni change cheyagala Shakthi vundhani hackers ku ala nenu hacker avvalani anukunna YouTube lo chaala videos chusanu kaani answer dhoraka ledhu appude Facebook lo kanipinchindhi adhe Ranjith adlakadi post adhi choodagaannne naaku chala anmdham vesindhi. ela hacking start cheyalo,ela hacker ni avvalo,ela curruption meedha fight cheyalo all doubts clear naa mind lo.a roje nenu ekkuva ga santhosham padina roju.

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Meet Your Instructor

Ethical Hacker


Founder at HackersUnskool

Meet Your Instructor

Ganesh is a public speaker and YouTuber who co-founded Think School, with Parsh Kothari, an education startup that generated 4+ Billion video impressions in 24 months.

Ganesh has helped 18,000+ students improve their communication to become effective public speakers, great salespeople, YouTubers and successful business people. 

Ganesh’s dedication to education has earned him the title of “Insightful Education Creator of the Year 2023” at the Global Startup Summit 2023. 

His vision is to make the Indian youth more employable by helping them learn practical and fundamental skills in life. 

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Who is this Course for ?


If you want to start a career in the hacking field, this workshop is a great place to start, or if you want to spy on someone or hack someone's Android phone, social media, live location, and other devices, then this workshop is for you.

Govt Department

Those who work in government departments will benefit from this workshop in terms of securing user data and becoming aware of cyber frauds so that they can protect themselves from cyber threads.


If you are a working professional, you must be aware of cyber attacks because if someone attacks your laptop or android device, a hacker can enter your company database using your identity, so everyone who is working as a professional must be aware of cyber threads.

For Everyone

No matter who you are, if you use an Android phone or computer, you must learn about hacking attacks because hackers are now attacking your social media accounts and blackmailing you with your data, so if you don't understand how hacking works, you won't be able to protect yourself from cyber threads.


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By the end of this Course you will be able to

Secure your digital devices from cyber attacks

You will learn how real-world hacking attacks work, so if you know how to hack, you will know how to protect yourself from cyber threads.

You able to hack your friends social media accounts or mobile phones

This 2 days session will teach you how to hack your girlfriend's or boyfriend's phone's using various tools and techniques.

You will understand real world hacking techniques

You will learn how real-world hacking works. Most people think hacking is like movies, where we can hack anything with a single click, but real-world hacking is completely different.

You can define yourself as an ethical hacker

By the end of the class, you will be able to change your Instagram or LinkedIn bio as an ethical hacker.😎

How this Course works ?

This course is for you if you

Advance Practical Black-hat & Ethical Hacking Course in Telugu

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Frequently Asked Questions​ (FAQs)

When does the course start and finish?

The content is already live right now. It’s a self paced course, so you can watch it anytime you want.

Are all the paid tools included?

Yes, All paid tools included in course for FREE

Can I get a refund?

No. We don’t provide refunds in any case. If you are not sure about the course, check out the testimonials, read more about the trainer and take an informed decision.

How long do I have access to the course?

You’ll have lifetime access! After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like. You can also watch the lessons when you want.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes! I do. Email me : ranjithkumar1831@gmail.com for details.

When can I receive the bonuses?

All bonuses are included in course

Hacking is a talent. You won’t learn it at school. If you were born to become a Hacker, it’s your destiny. Otherwise, you’ll be Hacked.

- Ranjith Adlakadi

Got a question? We’d love to hear from you. Send us a message at hey@ranjithadlakadi.com  and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

Practical Hacking Course in Telugu

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